Skin Care

Scar Gel

Silicone Scar Gel is a topical liquid silicone gel, made with a proprietary formula designed to dry quickly and leave a thin, transparent film that

Medical Disposable

Electrosurgical Pencil

The Electrosurgical Pencil is compatible with a variety of electrosurgical machines, boasting a lightweight and ergonomic design for enhanced operator comfort during procedures. Its unique

Medical Disposable

ECG Electrode

Our ECG electrodes are designed for clinical electrocardiogram diagnosis and dynamic/static ECG monitoring of patients with heart disease in hospital settings. Utilizing Ag/AgCl as the

Medical Disposable

Electrosurgical Grounding Pad

The Electrosurgical Grounding Pad is compatible with a wide range of electrosurgical machines, providing reliable performance in medical procedures. Engineered in accordance with IEC 60601-2-2

Medical Equipment

Wi-Fi ECG Device

The Wi-Fi ECG Device system seamlessly integrates with computers, laptops, and smartphones via Wi-Fi or USB connectivity, offering versatile options for data management and analysis.

Medical Equipment

Hemorrhoid Management System

In today’s healthcare landscape, individuals seek straightforward and dependable solutions for managing hemorrhoidal disease. Our innovative approach offers an efficient, pain-free, and economical treatment option.