Electrosurgical Pencil

The Electrosurgical Pencil is compatible with a variety of electrosurgical machines, boasting a lightweight and ergonomic design for enhanced operator comfort during procedures. Its unique sealing ensures excellent waterproofing of the internal circuit board, providing added durability and reliability.

Key specifications:

– Cable Length: 3m
– Handle Length: 158mm
– Handle Color: White or blue
– Blade Diameter: 2.36mm
– Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide (EO)
– Shelf Life: 2 years
– Plug: 3 pin banana
– Certification: ISO13485
– Packaging: Sterilized blister package


– Lightweight construction facilitates easy device control for the operator
– Long cable with a robust copper core ensures excellent conductivity and heightened security
– Functional for both cutting and coagulation purposes
– Ergonomic design and durable materials enhance operator comfort during extended use
– Compatible with various types of electrosurgical units

Experience superior control and performance with the Electrosurgical Pencil, designed to meet the demanding requirements of surgical procedures while prioritizing operator comfort and safety.