ECG Electrode

Our ECG electrodes are designed for clinical electrocardiogram diagnosis and dynamic/static ECG monitoring of patients with heart disease in hospital settings. Utilizing Ag/AgCl as the sensing element and solid/liquid gel as the adhesive component, they ensure accurate and reliable results.

The solid gel minimizes movement artifacts by enhancing adhesion between the skin and the sensor, promoting clear traces and reducing the need for repeat testing. Our electrodes offer low impedance, ensuring high-quality tracings while being gentle on the skin, free from irritation, sensitization, and cytotoxicity.

Liquid gel electrodes excel in stress test procedures, mitigating motion artifacts and maintaining a stable trace even under strenuous conditions, guaranteeing excellent signal quality.


Sensor: AG/AgCl sensor , Conductive Gel: Solid gel , Backing Material: PE Foam , Shape: Round, drop-like, oval , Color: White, Packaging: 50pcs/bag, 2000pcs/carton, Size: 50*50mm, Connector: Snap, Certification: ISO13485

Choose from various shapes and sizes to meet your specific clinical needs. Experience superior performance and reliability with our ECG electrodes, ensuring accurate diagnosis and monitoring for patients with heart disease.