Electrosurgical Grounding Pad

The Electrosurgical Grounding Pad is compatible with a wide range of electrosurgical machines, providing reliable performance in medical procedures. Engineered in accordance with IEC 60601-2-2 standards, it adheres to all necessary safety and quality requirements.

Key features include:

Shelf life: 3 years, Conductive area: 130 square centimeters, Total area: 180 square centimeters, Certification: ISO13485:2016, High adhesiveness and optimal pad-to-skin contact, Crafted from premium, biocompatible materials to minimize allergic reactions, Available in both split and un-split models for versatility, Offered in three sizes catering to adult, pediatric, and newborn patients, Compatible with various types of Electrosurgical Units

Experience superior quality and performance with the Electrosurgical Grounding Pad, ensuring safe and efficient electrosurgical procedures in medical settings.